I am writing this complaint as an employee of the Holiday Express Inn in Weston, WV. Granted that the people of WV are notorious for pill addiction as well as other illegal substance, I have never worked in a more unprofessional environment.

Most of the employees are a series of connected family members who do not have any education. The "˜Manager' at this facility is known to abuse hydrocodone and when that is not readily available they'll turn to methadone. Furthermore, the housekeepers making your bed are always our searching for "˜drugs' and do so while on the clock. The manager has even been known to leave during their shift and purchase illegal drugs.

When the manager isn't in a bad mood from drug withdraw they are neglecting to give employees promised raises and scheduling. As for professionalism, these employees have mouths that would embarrass a trucker. Not to mention they speak to one another with the same appreciative tone. My favorite is "I'd cut a ***." My suggestion would be to not stay at this hotel due to the lack of care for their guest and greater concern for petty drama.

Furthermore, it doesn't seem fair that you can come to work, stop in the middle of the day, go pick up your methadone, and get paid to be a manager. Nevertheless, jobs are hard to find and I'm working on finding another where employees are appreciate, respected, and create a positive work environment.

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I am a frequent visiter of this hotel, and I have never seen or heard anything of the sorts. The staff is friendly and accommodating.

The manager is always helpful, alert and eager to please. Bitterness is an ugly quality.


Yeah, all lies.


I agree w/So Sad..this is definitely a bitter ex employee. I've actually stayed at this hotel on several occasions and have never witnessed anything that Mr. or Mrs California is describing.


You sound like a bitter ex employee or a competitor.

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